Cause or Cure – The Role of Religion in a Fear-Filled World
The Reverend Harold Good, an acknowledged peacemaker in Ireland and beyond, returns to UST to present his lecture titled, "Cause or Cure – The Role of Religion in a Fear-Filled World." This presentation will acknowledge and explore the hugely destructive role of religion that has become distorted, following religion through history to modern day. Rev. Good will encourage reflection well beyond personal faith to explore what each of us has to contribute to heal the hurts of a broken world. This lecture will focus on who we ALL are within the WHOLE people of God and as people of faith, from an ecumenical perspective, regardless of specific faith or belief. The former president of the Methodist Church in Ireland, Rev. Good has played a key role in bringing about peace in Northern Ireland and continues to work on building bridges within the community and resolving conflict. Rev. Good was one of two members of the clergy entrusted by paramilitaries to witness the final decommissioning of weapons of the Provisional Irish Republican Army in 2005. A native of Northern Ireland, Rev. Good spent several years in Ohio and Indiana as a student and pastor before returning to Northern Ireland in the 1970s. Rev. Good has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to peace, justice and reconciliation. During his time as Methodist Church leader, he joined Northern Ireland’s other main church leaders to press for peace and engage in talks with Irish and British political leaders, as well as more discreetly building understanding and trust with and between Loyalist and Republican activists. Known for his ministry on the streets of Northern Ireland, Rev. Good has displayed both physical and spiritual courage in working to reconcile the Protestant and Catholic communities, and urging the end to violent action and reaction. Rev. Good also has served as a mentor for our study abroad program in Northern Ireland on peace and reconciliation.
Reverend Harold Good
9/7/2016 12:00:00 AM

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