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Back to the Garden - Rediscovering the Links Between Natural & Human Ecology
Pro-environment, pro-life: Why is it that so often the two are at odds with one another? This year’s Earth Day lecture will be a roundtable discussion highlighting the links between pro-environment and pro-life, or – to use Pope Benedict XVI’s terms – between natural ecology and human ecology. Sister Damien Marie Savino, FSE, Chair of the Environmental Science and Studies Department at the University of St. Thomas, will comment on Pope Benedict’s notions of natural and human ecology. Mrs. Kim Broussard, Certified Fertility Care Practitioner and Director of Fertility Care in Fort Bend, will discuss Natural Family Planning as “The Green Option.” Finally, UST student and Environmental Studies-Theology double major Marcus Walden will comment on his own pro-environment, pro-life convictions.. Speaker: Sr. Damien Marie Savino, FSE, Kim Broussard, Marcus Walden Date: April 18, 2012 Location: Cullen Hall Length: 64 mins
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5/10/2016 12:57:35 PM

Cities and Environmental Stewardship: Human Flourishing and the Duties of An Intermediate Being
Are human beings a scourge on nature? Or are human beings a part of nature? If human beings have the capacity to do harm to the natural order, have we also the capacity to do good to the natural order? If so, what are the anthropological implications of these capacities? And what are the implications of 'harming' and of 'doing good' to the natural order, particularly with respect to how human beings order our built environment? This lecture considers these and other questions related to architecture and urban design. University of Notre Dame professor Philip Bess teaches graduate urban design and theory, with a particular interest in Catholic and classical humanist intellectual and artistic traditions in the context of modern American life and the contemporary culture of architecture and urban design. Professor Bess lectures widely and is the author of City Baseball Magic: Plain Talk and Uncommon Sense About Cities and Baseball Parks, Inland Architecture: Subterranean Essays on Moral Order and Formal Order in Chicago and Till We Have Built Jerusalem: Architecture, Urbanism, and the Sacred. Speaker: Phil Bess Date: April 23, 2015 Location: Ahern Room: Crooker Center Length: 66 mins
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5/10/2016 11:53:56 AM

Focus the Nation Clean Energy Forum
The University of St. Thomas hosts a series of clean energy professionals as we navigate the challenges and solutions to a clean energy economy and sustainable transportation. UST is holding a Focus the Nation Clean Energy Forum to educate the public on the innovative approaches our community is taking to make Houston a more sustainable place to live. Speaker(s): Ralph Parrott, Katherine Warren, Kevin Conlin Date: February 28, 2011 Location: Scanlan Room, Jerabeck Center Length: 62 mins
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5/3/2016 9:38:26 AM

The Earth - A Human Habitat
The UST Annual Earth Day lecture is held each spring for the celebration of Earth Day. This year the event features scientists who, each in their discipline, celebrate the miracles of the earth's habitats and of human life. Speakers: Massimo Robberto, Ph.D. Scientist, Space Science Telescope Institute, Baltimore Massimo Bionez, Ph.D. Institute of Genomic Biology, University of Illinois Pablo Martinez de Anguita, Ph.D. Prof. of Rural Development, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid Date: April 28, 2011 Location: Cullen Hall Length: 102 mins
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5/10/2016 2:14:43 AM

UST Earth Day Lecture "Creation and the University: Educating for a Human Ecology"
Oxford scholar Stratford Caldecott's lecture, “Creation and the University: Educating for a Human Ecology” reflects on the importance of teaching about creation and the natural world at a small Catholic liberal arts university like UST. The event is sponsored by Environmental Science and Studies, Pope John Paul II Forum and the Honors Program. Caldecott lives in Oxford, where he studied philosophy and psychology before entering a career in publishing with Routledge, Harper Collins and T&T Clark. Currently editor of the international journal Second Spring and of Sophia Institute Press, he also serves on the editorial boards of Communio and The Chesterton Review, and is the author most recently of Beauty for Truth's Sake(Brazos, 2009), a book about the recovery of the Christian cosmological vision in education. Speaker(s): Stratford Caldecott Date: April 15, 2010 Location: Jones Hall Length: 72 mins
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5/10/2016 8:33:27 AM

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